AntModity becomes the first company to receive Korean Organic Certificate for Ceylon Cinnamon

Korea Organic

AntModity Lanka becomes the first company in Sri Lanka to receive the CCOF Korea for Ceylon Cinnamon.  Since 2018, AntModity has been the largest exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon to the S Korea market. With this organic certificate, AntModity Korea will able to further strengthen the commitment to supply high-quality Ceylon cinnamon and products to our … Read more

Why is Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Cinnamon Industry in Jeopardy?

Ceylon Cinnamon Industry

Ceylon cinnamon or true cinnamon represents the best of cinnamon that the earth can offer. It’s ultra-low coumarin, fragile stick, and sweeter taste are some of the traits of this iconic spice. Other cinnamon types include Cassia, Saigon, Korintje, Chinese, and Malabar, but these are very different from Ceylon Cinnamon which requires more extensive, skilled … Read more

Cassava Project – Wawala Wawa Village


Cassava is a staple food widely consumed by half a billion people in the developing world. After rice and maize, cassava is the third largest source of food carbohydrates.  There are two types of cassava: bitter for animal consumption and sweet for human consumption. Thailand is the largest producer of bitter variety and Nigeria is … Read more

Aloe Vera Project

On April 10th, Ant Commodity team visited the Delft Island in Northern Sri Lanka. The island area is 50 km² (4717 hectares) with an estimated population of 5000 people. Delft is also known as Neduntivu is a flat island which grows bananas, papayas, and aloe vera. Many in this poverty-stricken community rear goats, cattle, and … Read more

The launch of Track and Trace

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Track & Trace where the goal is to let the end-buyers of commodities and consumers know information related to the supply side of the commodity. Currently, Track & Trace provides information such as the number of farmers involved, how the money was distributed among the farmers, and … Read more