More Value Addition Will Drive The Expansion Of Sri Lankan Coir Industry

Sri Lanka Coir Industry

Since the introduction of commercial coir manufacturing within the country within the 1900s, Sri Lankan coir manufacturers are the biggest suppliers of raw coir fiber and coir fiber-based products to the worldwide coir market. Among its top value-added products are the coir twine and ropes, geotextiles, brooms and brushes, carpets, doormats, floor coverings, rubberized coir … Read more

The Use Of Coconut Fiber Geo-logs And Geotextiles In Environment Conservation

Sri Lanka Coconut Fiber

With annual economic losses growing thanks to deforestation and land degradation, the planet is fighting a losing battle against erosion and deterioration caused by natural and human-made causes. While most of the focus is being on preventing water and flood erosion in agriculture land, oceans, and river banks, the utilization of geo-logs and geotextiles made … Read more