Aloe Vera Project

Aloe Vera Project

On April 10th, Ant Commodity team visited the Delft Island in Northern Sri Lanka. The island area is 50 km² (4717 hectares) with an estimated population of 5000 people. Delft is also known as Neduntivu is a flat island which grows bananas, papayas, and aloe vera. Many in this poverty-stricken community rear goats, cattle, and chickens. The people are friendly and extremely helpful.

The objective of the visit was to understand the Aloe Vera industry in the island. Aloe Vera production in Delft Island is still at the early stage. With a little support, Ant Commodity team believes that aloe vera could be a significant income source for the residents of the island.

Our team has already started providing the technical know-how to the current growers of aloe vera in the island. Ant Commodity will explore alternative ways to transport aloe vera from Delft Island to Colombo (288 Km). Ant Commodity will work with current producers to bring confidence and encourage non-growers to start farming aloe vera.

Ant Commodity is teaming up with current growers of aloe vera project, Agricultural Director & District Secretary of Jaffna, and Sri Lanka Agricultural Development.

In the coming weeks, Ant Commodity will share more information about this project. Ant Commodity cordially invites potential buyers to partner with us and help the Aloe Vera growers in the Delft Island.

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